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Eminem loses his notebook

EW.com tells you why it's so important, and what Em's doing to recover it


LOST BOY Slim Shady is apparantly quite upset that he's misplaced his songbook (Eminem: Ron Wolfson URW/LFI)

Stop the presses! Eminem has lost his notebook. Anyone seen it? His publicist, Dennis Dennehy, sent an urgent press release today asking anyone who knows the whereabouts of the wayward scribble pad to contact him.

The notebook contains Em’s ”extremely important” lyrical work, says Dennehy – and it’s got a photo of Britney Spears on the cover! It was last seen in an airport newsstand shopping bag containing a Discman, headphones, and CDs.

The Slim Shady was on a Delta Airlines flight from Cincinnati to New Orleans when it went missing. The release also promises that a ”generous reward” will be given for its return. In related news, a woman in the Midwest with a large purse recently misplaced her keys.