Clarissa Cruz
November 03, 2000 AT 05:00 AM EST

The infomercial — in heavy rotation on late-night TV — is oddly mesmerizing: A brunet gently applies kiwi-colored gel onto various women’s hirsute regions as they marvel at the lack of discomfort (”Like a massage,” coos one waxee). Aussie Nad’s may look like extraterrestrial goo, but the all-natural hair remover created by Sue Ismiel (who stars in the spot) is looking extra-terrific to a growing number of converts; according to QVC, about 3,500 orders are placed after each product plug. Unlike traditional wax, Nad’s is water soluble. ”It’s ideal for home use; if you get into trouble, you can wash it off,” says Ian Fraser, managing director of the Australia-based salon wax manufacturer Bare-All. Just in time for a new generation of short-shorts.

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