Liane Bonin
November 10, 2000 AT 05:00 AM EST

We’ve all seen the postings on the Web: ”Guaranteed authentic” ruby slippers from The Wizard of Oz (size 10 1/2) or a sweater worn by Harrison Ford (100 percent acrylic). But now that studios are auctioning off their own props, wardrobe, and assorted doodads online, bogus e-sellers may be out of luck. Everything from leather X-Men uniforms to 102 Dalmations dog collars can be snapped up directly from studio sites stocked by Fox, Disney, New Line, and Warner Bros. ”Going through us, you can be 100 percent sure that what you’re getting is authentic,” says New Line Cinema new-media prez Jim Rosenthal.

And Web surfers can bet on quantity as well as quality. ”We’re unlocking a vault of 75 years,” says Disney VP George Grobar. He’s not kidding. The studio’s site has put a 13-foot-high Disneyland marquee on the block, with Glenn Close’s Cruella De Vil costumes to follow. But not every find is fit to sell. ”I wish there was stuff from years ago, but time is harsh on wardrobe, for example,” sighs Fox executive director of corporate retail Kennon Earl. At least now they know not to leave that Big Momma tent dress wadded up at the bottom of the closet.

Teaming with eBay to unclutter their archives, Warner Bros. has unloaded nifty stuff like the Catwoman costume from Batman Returns and the fishing boat from The Perfect Storm (have an extra $145,000?). This winter could yield goodies: How about Helen Hunt’s bruise makeup from Pay It Forward? B-

Can’t live without Titanic playing cards? Want some Fight Club soap wrappers? Fox offers just about anything movie fans might want — and plenty more they’d never expect. The site offers such odd lot finds as luggage tags and tank tops, meaning collectors on a budget can buy movie history on the cheap. Think of it as a yard sale with a Hollywood pedigree. A

Leave it to the studio responsible for Freddy Krueger to sell the coolest (and creepiest) goods. Want a ”helper victim collar” from The Cell or the prison plates from Dancer in the Dark? We can only hope Kerr Smith’s jacket from Final Destination has some fake blood stains. A-

For Disney fans, this may displace a certain theme park as the happiest place on earth. Here, you can buy cel art, Disneyland parade puppets, and Disney Store employee uniforms (!). Uh, maybe that’s taking the fantasy a bit too far. A-

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