Noah Robischon
November 10, 2000 AT 05:00 AM EST

The Emmy Award-winning actress Megan Mullally doesn’t have much time for shopping of any kind, even online. She’s too busy playing Grace’s barb-tongued assistant on the NBC hit series Will & Grace, or performing in her musical Sweetheart. But this year Mullally’s going to become one of an estimated 5.8 million Net users who will buy online for the first time, according to the research firm eMarketer.

Here’s why: Mullally recently went to a tony Beverly Hills shopping center to buy some Louis Vuitton goodies for her TV castmates. Not only did the store not have the catalog item she wanted, but, she says, the staff was ”really snotty and really mean.” Now she’s going to visit Vuitton online (, or its online partner,, but she’d do well to flip through EW INTERNET’s Online Holiday Shopping Guide beforehand. We’ve scoured the Web for entertainment-related sites where you can buy everything from three-day travel packages to the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah, to a ”helper victim collar” worn in the Jennifer Lopez movie The Cell. And instead of just sending you to Web shops offering the same books and CDs you’d find in your local Virgin Megastore, we tell you where to find rare first editions and how to put a bow on that MP3 file you downloaded last night.

”I love those websites where you can go and find those weird antique things,” says the decidedly eclectic Mullally. ”Like if you’re into daguerreotypes you can find a whole website for those.” One rarity Mullally’s fans might be interested in is a CD full of songs from the musical that she both stars in and directs. Called Sweetheart, the show is performed only in Los Angeles, and you won’t find the CD at or in any retail stores, but only at the website for her band, the Supreme Music Program ( Act fast, because even though the CD hasn’t been advertised anywhere, Mullally has sold nearly her entire batch of 2,500 copies — and the musical doesn’t go into production again until next May.

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