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'BOUNCE' BACK Affleck and Paltrow get a crash course in love (Eric Lee)

Roos originally wrote this romantic drama – about a womanizing ad exec (Affleck) who gives up his plane ticket to a man on a flight that crashes and later falls in love with the victim’s widow (Paltrow) – for two middle-aged actors. But after his directorial debut, ”The Opposite of Sex,” became an indie hit and he decided to helm ”Bounce” himself, he rewrote the script for two younger actors, not realizing Miramax honcho Harvey Weinstein would enlist his highest profile twentysomething stars. ”I thought, ‘Oh God, couldn’t somebody less talented do my movie?”’ says Roos. ”I was afraid they would club me with their Oscars. He has one for writing – the one thing I think I know how to do, he has an Oscar for…. And she’s got [one] for acting, so how many notes is she liable to take from me?”

The three ended up getting along goldenly, although even after filming a smooch filled script, Roos emerged no wiser about his leads’ relationship than tabloid readers were. In fact, when he met the pair, he was so struck by their closeness he asked if they were dating. ”They said, ‘Where have you been? It’s all over the papers, but we’re broken up,”’ remembers Roos. ”I said, ‘Really? You should tell yourselves.”’ GOOD SIGN Smart writing plus real life chemistry could yield the ideal romance. THEN AGAIN Could be a junior ”Random Hearts.”