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Michael Caine, Sylvester Stallone, ...

VENGEANCE IS HIS Stallone raises Caine in a ''Get Carter'' remake (Joe Ledered)

”We’re going to get crushed in London,” laughs American helmer Kay. ”It doesn’t matter what we bring – they’re going to kill us. It’s tantamount to a British filmmaker remaking ‘Mean Streets.”’ That said, ”Get Carter” may be a perfect candidate for a remake, simply because not that many moviegoers Stateside are familiar with the 1971 original, which starred Caine as a London gangster. This time, Stallone stars as Jack Carter, a sharkskin suited Las Vegas thumb breaker who returns home to Seattle to attend his brother’s funeral. Once there, he suspects that his sibling didn’t die of natural causes, and with the help of his niece (Cook), he goes out seeking vengeance.

The one thing that may quiet the original’s grousing fans is the presence of Stallone’s ”Victory” costar Caine as a shady bar owner. ”When I first signed on I said, ‘I don’t do this movie if Michael’s not in it,”’ says Kay, adding that when Caine saw Stallone on the set, he looked him in the eyes and said in his most crackling cockney accent, ”He makes a nice Carter.” GOOD SIGN Caine’s seal of approval. THEN AGAIN What movie doesn’t get Caine’s seal of approval?