Mike Flaherty
November 17, 2000 AT 05:00 AM EST

Two thousand Simpsons fans from 16 nations were happier than Homer in a half-price chocolate store as they ate real-life Krusty Burgers and downed ice-cold Duff beer at the Simpsons Global Fanfest, Fox’s three-day tribute to the 10-year-old animated sitcom. ”A lot of people are screaming foreign gibberish at me,” quipped Simpsons creator Matt Groening, ”[but] it turns out they’re American fans who are just overly excited.” And with good reason. The guests — mostly winners of a Simpsons-based trivia contest — got to browse through Krusty’s Museum of Stuff (which featured oddball items like a German-made Bart ”nachtlight”), hop on rides like Kang & Kodos’ Hurl-A-Tron, and visit men’s rooms adorned with an image of Homer musing ”Mmm…urinal fresh.”

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