Dru Hill: John Kelly/Retna
Tom Sinclair
November 21, 2000 AT 05:00 AM EST

WIN, LOSE, DRU That thong loving Sisqó may be king of the hill, but whither his old crew, Dru Hill? The group was supposed to have a reunion album ready by Christmas, but it’s been postponed amid reports of friction. Sources say the day after he appeared with Dru Hill at the Sept. 7 MTV Video Music Awards, Sisqó stormed out of a VIBE photo shoot with the group. His manager, Kenneth Crear, says the dispute hinges on when to release the next Dru Hill album: ”Sisqó feels everyone should do a solo album first. There was resistance because the others wanted to do the Dru Hill album first.” According to Crear, plans now call for solo discs from Hill- ers Jazz (Larry Anthony Jr.) and Woody (James Green) to be released this winter, and a Sisqó sophomore album next summer — ”and, then, a Dru Hill album.” Says Kevin Liles, president of Sisqó’s and Dru Hill’s label Def Soul: ”I wouldn’t say that everything is roses, but I wouldn’t say that everything is chaos.”

BLOOD ON THE TRACK Up until now, Bob Dylan’s music has never exactly been big with the disco crowd. But that all may change, thanks to 27 year old Danish DJ Funkstar De Luxe, né Martin Ottesen. Ottesen — who grabbed some attention last year with his remix of Bob Marley’s ”Sun Is Shining” — has now recorded a dance remix of Dylan’s ”All Along the Watchtower.” The song will appear on Funkstar De Luxe’s upcoming American debut, ”Keep On Moving (It’s Too Funky in Here),” and marks the first time Dylan has agreed to let one of his songs be remixed. ”From what I’ve heard, Bob was quite satisfied with the remix,” says Ottesen, who regrets that he has yet to have a tête à tête with the Big D. ”Someday, it’d be nice to say hello to the man and thank him.” Personally, we’re waiting for that ”Idiot Wind” party mix.

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