Richards: Armando Gallo/Retna
EW Staff
November 22, 2000 AT 05:00 AM EST

? MARLON WAYANS (”Scary Movie”) ”My nine brothers and sisters who ate up all the food and left me hungry on Thanksgiving so that one day I would strive to make some damn money to have a dinner big enough to feed all 10 of our greedy black asses.”

? ELLEN BURSTYN (”Requiem for a Dream”) ”That I’m working more at this age than at any stage in my career.”

? KELLY PRESTON (”For Love of the Game”) ”Trailer trash food — sloppy joes, corn dogs, and Tater Tots.”

? ALLISON JANNEY (”The West Wing”) ”False eyelashes, martinis, and bikini waxes.”

? JEFF GOLDBLUM ”I’m thankful for cold cereal, which gives me great comfort and pleasure.”

? TORI SPELLING ”Thanksgiving dinner. My dad goes for the pecan pie, but I love the cranberry sauce in a can and mom’s awesome Jell-O mold.”

? CHRISTA MILLER (”The Drew Carey Show”) ”My new baby, despite the long birth process.”

? DENISE RICHARDS (”The World Is Not Enough”) ”My brand new Manolo [Blahnik] shoes — the first pair I ever bought.”

? ILLEANA DOUGLAS (”The Next Best Thing”) ”My real breasts!”

? PATRICIA ARQUETTE (”Little Nicky”) ”That I haven’t been skinned alive or covered in bees.”

? JULIE DELPY (”An American Werewolf in Paris”) ”Is that what Thanksgiving’s about? We don’t have Thanksgiving — I’m French. But I love the yams.”

? VAL KILMER (”Red Planet”) ”I’m thankful that I’m Native American.”

? JULIA ROBERTS ”I’m thankful for life’s mysteries.”

? RODNEY DANGERFIELD (”Little Nicky”) ”That I’m able to still talk coherently and say, ‘I’m thankful.”’

? WILL FERRELL (”SNL”) ”That I still have all my own teeth with no cavities.”

? KRISTEN JOHNSTON (”3rd Rock From the Sun”) ”That in the last few years, my mother has somehow relaxed a little bit.”

? RICHARD RUCCOLO (”Two Guys and a Girl”) ”I’m thankful for my new 65 inch wide screen high definition television with satellite hookup and full Surround Sound.”

? JASON ISAACS (”The Patriot”) ”I’m thankful they didn’t lynch me in England when ‘The Patriot’ came out.”

? BILLY DEE WILLIAMS (”The Ladies Man”) ”I don’t really celebrate Thanksgiving. I find it very difficult to celebrate something that disrupted an entire civilization.”

? HEATHER PAIGE KENT (”That’s Life”) ”For the Zone diet, because I don’t have to cook for my husband.”

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