Nicholas Fonseca
November 24, 2000 AT 05:00 AM EST

Mick Jagger’s second wedding

Hindu tradition calls for brides to offer their intended yogurt and honey. Rock tradition says Mick Jagger can’t call just one woman ”honey.” Tradition was proven wrong on Nov. 21, 1990, when, under a Bali sky permeated with incense, the Rolling Stone gave up bachelorhood for a second time by joining longtime love Jerry Hall in an Indonesian wedding ceremony still mired in mystery. The union — his second after eight years and one child, Jade, now 29, with Bianca Jagger (they split in 1979) — shocked everyone… and no one. The British press scolded Jagger for not telling them, but this was no shotgun wedding. In fact, Jagger and Hall were as good as married for more than a decade, having shared one bed, two kids, and numerous homes worldwide.

Hall, a statuesque Texan who posed for photographer Helmut Newton in mid-’70s Paris, met Jagger after attending a May 1976 Stones concert with then fiancé Bryan Ferry. Mick’s legendary libido struck a nerve with Hall. In her 1985 autobiography, Jerry Hall’s Tall Tales, she wrote: ”We all got in the limousine…. He pressed his knee next to mine and I could feel the electricity.” They met again in 1977 at (where else?) Studio 54, the disco emporium where Bianca often held court. Theirs became one of the jet set’s most famous romances, and though Mick’s carousing continued, his magnetism kept him in Hall’s good graces throughout the ’80s.

Following the Stones’ 1989 Steel Wheels tour, Jagger whisked Hall and their brood to Bali. With tour director Alan Dunn as best man, they got their ya-ya’s out during a six-hour ceremony. (Still no word on whether Dannon played a role in the wedding.)

But rock star/model pairings often court controversy, and it hit hard in 1992, when Mick reportedly hooked up with model Carla Bruni (which she denied). Also complicating matters was Indonesian officials’ failure to find written documents, a technicality that cast doubts on a marriage some felt Jagger was ambivalent about in the first place. ”He wasn’t built for monogamy,” cracks Christopher Andersen, author of 1993’s Jagger Unauthorized. ”[Jerry] preferred to look the other way.”

By 1999, that proved impossible: Brazilian model Luciana Morad slapped Jagger with a paternity suit (confirmed earlier this year by DNA tests — and Mick). The tenuous union finally dissolved when a British court declared it null and void in August 1999. Mick insisted he didn’t owe alimony since the marriage was never legal, but Hall triumphed with an out-of-court settlement that reportedly included $15 million, trust funds for Elizabeth, 16; James, 15; Georgia May, 8; and Gabriel, 2, and their home in London — proving sometimes, you can get exactly what you want.

Time Capsule: November 21, 1990
At the movies, top flick Home Alone, starring Macaulay Culkin, is well on its way to becoming the highest-grossing comedy ever. On TV, the second half of Stephen King’s It miniseries edges America’s Funniest People in the Nielsens. In music, ”Love Takes Time” is diva-in-the-making Mariah Carey’s second No. 1 Billboard single. And in the news, notorious junk-bond king Michael Milken is sentenced to 10 years in prison for securities crimes. He would serve 22 months before being released to a halfway house in 1993.

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