Taylor: Sean Murphy/Camera Press/Retna
Dan Snierson
December 13, 2000 AT 05:00 AM EST

As if you need another reason to watch VH1 besides ”Behind the Music,” former Duran Duran bassist John Taylor, 40, will pop up in not one but two TV movies: Dec. 13’s ”A Diva’s Christmas Carol” and January’s ”Strange Frequency.” We asked the affable Brit to please, please tell us now the answers to these offbeat questions.

Seeing that you are the Ghost of Christmas Present in ”Christmas Carol,” what should I get my mom this year?
Hmmmm. Well, you should probably get her a new Sony PlayStation. Yeah. Why not, eh? Is she still married?

In ”Frequency,” your character loves wrecking hotel rooms. Can you give us three trashing tips?
I’ll give three excuses to trash a hotel room. One is that construction work is going on and then they didn’t tell you. Two is that the curtains do not shut completely. And three — because you’re a star, baby!

Have you done a fair share of research for that role over the years?
One has to. I mean, one gets so troubled sometimes. I used to take really bad art prints down off the wall, unscrew them, and take the glass out and write four letter words right in the center of the piece and then put it back in place perfectly…. It’s just bratty, bratty behavior, isn’t it?

What’s one myth you can dispel about rock stars and groupies?
Well, I think it’s definitely not true that we’re only interested in oral sex.

My editor once threw a pair of panties at you on stage. She’s kind of embarrassed about that. Can she have them back now?
What color were they? Yeah, of course, but she’ll have to come and get them…. We used to have people come on stage throughout the show with a mop, sweeping up all the gifts. I think we’d give them to children’s charities.

This is more of a statement than a question, but: Your bass playing on ”Rio” rocks my face!
Oh. Well, thank you. It was a good time [awkward pause].

Do you ever sneak into your wife’s makeup drawer and put on eyeliner and lip gloss for old times’ sake?
Love eyeliner. Still love eyeliner. But what is it with Brian Williams on MSNBC? We can’t figure out whether he’s wearing white eyeliner, but there’s something going on there…. Either way, I think that eyeliner is fine for guys. But lip gloss — who needs it? Just lick your lips, you know?

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