Eminem: UGS/LFI
Lori Reese
December 19, 2000 AT 05:00 AM EST

EM AGAIN Oh, how could we start the week without an item on our favorite courtroom prone star? A judge has given Eminem until February to consider a plea bargain that would involve spending time behind bars. Slim Shady was originally scheduled to appear in court Friday to face charges stemming from his now famous alleged parking lot assault incident. But the hearing has been postponed at the request of his lawyers. Prosecutors have offered to drop one felony charge if Em pleads guilty to the other.

However, they insist that he spend at least ”a couple of months” in jail if he does (The rapper’s lawyers could not be reached for comment on the deal.). ”What I’d like to do is treat him like every defendant. He doesn’t get any breaks, but he doesn’t get any disadvantages because of his fame,” prosecutor Carl Marlinga told the Associated Press. ”I don’t want to say I like his music, [but] I appreciate the fact that the guy has a talent,” Marlinga said. ”He really is a wordsmith. He does a lot of good point/ counterpoint like Willie Nelson in country or Mozart in classical.” Now, there’s a man with a broad mind.

EMCEE Well, excuuuse us! When EW.com polled its editors to find out who should host the 73rd Annual Academy Awards, we didn’t think of this funny man cum scribe. Steve Martin has been named the emcee for the March 25 Oscars. ”He’s everything,” telecast producer Gil Cates tells Reuters. ”He’s a movie star, he’s funny, he’s classy, he’s literate — he’ll be a wonderful host.” If we’d known literacy was a prerequisite, we could have narrowed down the list.

AWARDS East Coast critics snubbed Ang Lee’s ”Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” but West Coasters are making up for it. The Los Angeles Film Critics Association named the martial arts romance the best film of 2000. ”Wonder Boys” was the runner up and its star Michael Douglas got the prize for best actor. Julia Roberts scored the best actress award for ”Erin Brockovich” while Willem Dafoe (”Shadow of the Vampire”) and Frances McDormand (”Almost Famous”) nabbed awards for best supporting actor and actress, respectively. Don’t worry: The awards get more interesting. The Golden Globes are up next.

STRIPTEASE K-Ci & Jojo found a way to get a little more ”X” -posure. The R&B brother act stunned a crowd of about 4,000 teens (and parents) when K-Ci unzipped his pants during a Christmas concert thrown by L.A.’s KIIS Saturday. ”You could see everything,” a 15 year old fan, Amy Roberts, told Allstar. Some 100 scandalized parents rushed to the Shrine Auditorium lobby — with their children in tow — and summoned the police on their cell phones. Five LAPD officers stormed backstage after the set, but the Grammy nominated pair had already bolted. ”KIIS-FM apologizes to all of our listeners and fans for K-Ci’s [alleged] actions,” it read. ”We do not condone such behavior,” said a statement released by the concert sponsors. The parents, meanwhile, are using their cell phones to form discussion groups so that they can talk and talk and talk about the traumatizing event.

MORGUE Britain’s Melody Maker — the world’s oldest music publication — is going out of business. Publishers say the last issue hits the stands Monday. Melody Maker got started 74 years ago, and was primarily aimed at musicians. Since then, it has helped popularize such acts from Duke Ellington to Oasis. Its popularity peaked in the 70s when circulation hit 250,000.

AILING There’s a lot of trouble on the ”Ally McBeal” set these days. Calista Flockhart spent about six hours in the hospital after fainting during a shoot last week. The 36 year old was treated intravenously for dehydration and exhaustion, her spokesperson said. ”She’s fine now. She’s back at work, and life is as usual,” she said. ”I think it’s been a stressful and emotional time on the set because everybody is concerned about Robert.” She must’ve found out that his character is in love with another woman.

TV NEWS Oliver Stone has found yet another political assassination attempt to exploit. He’s producing a Showtime movie titled ”The Day Reagan Got Shot.” Richard Dreyfuss has signed on to play Secretary of State Alexander Haig, while Richard Crenna takes on the role of our great 1980s helmsman. What a challenge: What if he ”can’t recall” his lines?

CASTING We didn’t know Jack took pay cuts. Jack Nicholson has agreed to reduce his usually $15 million per pic salary to work for ”Election” director Alexander Payne in his new flick ”About Schmidt.” The film is budgeted at about $30 million, according to Variety. Nicholson’s generous offer ensures enough leftover money for everyone to have a bag lunch.

RADIO RADIO Howard Stern has been threatening to go off the air. But, guess what? He was just trying to shock us. Stern has signed a five year deal to continue heckling the masses for Infinity Broadcasting. Terms of the agreement were not disclosed, but reports have placed the pact at about $100 million. Let this be a lesson to parents who regularly wash their kids’ mouths out with soap.

EXPECTING Celine Dion has another one in the freezer. The diva said yesterday in a televised interview that her baby has a fertilized ”twin” stored in a New York clinic. ”I do not know if it is good forever, but I think it lasts for a very long time. I will go get it; that’s for sure. I told my mother,” Dion told a Quebec television network.

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