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EW?s alternative nominations for 2000

EW?s alternative nominations for 2000 -- We present to you our own categories and nomination for the films of 2000

EW?s alternative nominations for 2000

Smoothest Operator
Croupier’s Clive Owen

Most Worthy Of A Franchise
Pitch Black’s Vin Diesel

Most Charming Poultry
The stars of Chicken Run

Best Group Sing-Along

”Tiny Dancer” scene in Almost Famous

Best Audience Unites In Grievance Award Since Helen Hunt’s ‘As Good As It Get’s HMO Diatribe
Ben Stiller’s dressing-down of the flight attendant in Meet the Parents

Most Likely To Provide Us With Punchlines For The Next Three Years
Battlefield Earth

Most Likely To Ignite Love-Hate Arguments
Charlie’s Angels; Dancer in the Dark; Unbreakable

Most Lazy And Unlikely Line Ever Written To Explain The Revolutionary War
”Am I angry about taxation without representation? Well, yes, I am.” — Mel Gibson in The Patriot

Most Squandered Second Chance
John Travolta in Lucky Numbers

Most Squandered Fifth Chance
Wonder Boys’ Robert Downey Jr.’s relapse

Best Supporting Appliance
Requiem for a Dream’s refrigerator; the Grinch’s razor; What Lies Beneath’s bathtub; What Women Want’s hair dryer

Most Likely To Cause A Double Take
Oscar nominee Toni Collette’s that-can’t-be-her-can-it? turn in Shaft; Julianne Moore in The Ladies Man

Best Use Of Poo(h)
Me, Myself & Irene; Meet the Parents; Quills; The Tigger Movie

Scariest Sequel Proposals
‘N Sync and Britney Spears in Grease 3; runner-up: Ricky Martin and Natalie Portman in Dirty Dancing 2

Most Ruinous Ending
The Contender

Most Never-Ending
The Legend of Bagger Vance

Most Overused Plot Device
The false-face masks in Mission: Impossible 2 and Charlie’s Angels

Least Expensive Costar
”Wilson,” Tom Hanks’ volleyball friend in Cast Away

The ‘McHale’s Navy’ Award For Worst Adaptation Of A Classic TV Show
The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle

Creepiest Sex Scenes
Requiem for a Dream; Lies; Quills

Best Duets
Christopher Guest and his ventriloquist dummy in Best in Show; Bjork and Peter Stormare in Dancer in the Dark

Worst Duets

Creepiest Chase Scene American Psycho’s Christian Bale, naked but for sneakers, hunting down his date with a chain saw.

Most Spot-On Title

Most Misleading Title
Isn’t She Great

Most Awkward Title
Disney’s The Kid; Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Most Annoying Behind-The-Camera Trend
Single-named directors (Tarsem, McG, Sabu)

Best Ensemble Cast
High Fidelity

Best Overacting Jeffrey Wright in Shaft

Worst Over-Acting Special ensemble award for the entire cast of Pay It Forward

Lamest Villain
The Blair Witch

Best Villain
Joaquin Phoenix, Gladiator