Ken Tucker
December 22, 2000 AT 12:00 PM EST

The worst TV shows of 2000

1. Network Coverage Of The Presidential Election

During an indecisive election, decisive proof that network anchors aren’t worth the price of their suits (CNN’s Bernard Shaw is retiring; great! — one down, three to go), and that the mindless craving to be first-first-first has ruined whatever claim TV news ever had to credibility.

2. NBC’S Coverage Of The Summer Olympics

”Hey, gang, let’s take an exciting event occurring live in a gorgeous country, and make it look like we taped it three years ago and felt the need to pad it out with some feature stories so sappy they wouldn’t even show them on the Lifetime network!”

3. Big Brother

(CBS) Adding an IKEA-furnished patina to the cliche ”watching paint dry,” this gathering of infuriatingly obsequious, I’ll-be-nice-to-anybody-for-a-half-million-bucks citizens (that is, once they got rid of Will Mega, the only person with a system of values, no matter how convoluted it may have been) would have been better had it been programmed during the long limbo of the presidential election. Just as it seemed as if, after a while, no one cared who became President as long as someone did, no one cared who ”won” Big Brother, as long as it went away.

4. The Cindy Margolis Show (syndicated) and G-String Divas

(HBO) I thought skimpily clad women were supposed to perk one up; instead, these curvy dummies were about as appealing as Bob Dole’s Viagra commercials.

5. Tucker

(NBC) Commencing its premiere with an erection joke that would have made the makers of American Pie stick their heads in an oven, this sitcom featured an intolerable little wanker as its title character, thus traducing an honorable surname.

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