Gillian Flynn
January 05, 2001 AT 05:00 AM EST

While some might find Adam Sandler to be Satan incarnate, is it fair to blame him for Time Warner’s slide in earnings growth? In a Dec. 18 press release, the media giant (and EW’s parent) projected an earnings dip — in part due to the ”disappointing performance” of his Little Nicky. The bedeviled New Line flick reportedly cost $80 million but hasn’t cracked $40 million after five weeks. Despite Warner Bros. duds like the $70 million Red Planet, which opened the same day and has earned $17 million so far, Nicky was the only movie cited. (New Line declined to comment.) Perhaps Sandler will become an all-purpose scapegoat for woes like these.

— Gillian Flynn

— The predicted U.S. recession — The Monkees reunion tour — Irritable bowel syndrome — Charlize Theron’s 1,427th film — The looming actors’ strike — Arnold Schwarzenegger’s alleged groping of a blond British TV presenter — All those annoying talking fish

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