The House of Mirth

Genre: Romance, Historical, Drama; Starring: Gillian Anderson, Anthony LaPaglia, Eric Stoltz, Dan Aykroyd, Eleanor Bron, Laura Linney; Director: Terence Davies; Author: Terence Davies, Edith Wharton; Producer (group): The Glasgow Film Fund, The Scottish Arts Council, Showtime Networks Inc., Three Rivers Productions; Runtime (in minutes): 140; MPAA Rating: PG; Distributor: Sony Pictures Classics

Terence Davies’ magnificent adaptation of Edith Wharton’s masterpiece about the folly of one marriageable young woman who pays tragically for her restlessness burns through all the worn-out poses of period costume dramas. This stunning movie, starring Gillian Anderson in a career-igniting performance as proud, kind, foolish Lily Bart, makes a much-read American classic feel freshly devastating. Watch, too, for another piercing performance by Laura Linney as Lily’s treacherous ”friend.” And listen for Davies’ astute use of music – and silence. A

Originally posted January 5 2001 — 12:00 AM EST

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