Rob Brunner
January 12, 2001 AT 05:00 AM EST

— HOMETOWN El Paso, Tex.

— LATEST ALBUM Relationship of Command

— MATHEMATICAL DESCRIPTION OF THEIR SOUND (Rage Against the Machine – Limp Bizkit) x MC5

— WHY WE THINK YOU SHOULD BUY THEIR ALBUM As anyone who caught their appearance last month on David Letterman will tell you, their subtly melodic aggro-rock is some of the best loud music for smart people around.

— WHY THEY THINK YOU SHOULD BUY THEIR ALBUM ”Um…I don’t know,” says guitarist Jim Ward (the other Drive-Ins are singer Cedric Bixler, guitarist Omar Rodriguez, bassist Paul Hinojos, and drummer Tony Hajjar). ”People who like to try new things should check it out. If you don’t like it, then take it back.”

— WHY YOU’RE NOT HEARING THEM ON TOP 40 RADIO ”Because we came from the underground and it’s something that has to infiltrate,” says Ward. ”We want it to grow organically and naturally. We play in this band because we like playing music. We signed to a bigger label because we want more people to hear what we’re doing, but we also want to do it in a mellow way. If people want to play us on the radio because they like the music and people like listening to it, then that’s awesome.”


— WHY THEY THINK YOU SHOULD LISTEN TO THEM INSTEAD OF LIMP BIZKIT ”I try not to dis other bands because I respect everybody who’s playing music,” says Ward. ”If people identify with that, then they should listen to it and go to their shows and beat each other up or whatever they want to do. But our music’s a little deeper than that. We don’t do it for the nooky. We write songs about real life and what’s important for us. I don’t know them, I don’t own their records, I don’t care about them at all.”

— WHAT’S NEXT A new video for their second single, ”Invalid Litter Department,” to be directed by photographer Anton Corbijn on location in Juarez, Mexico.

— WHAT THEY’LL BE DOING IN 10 YEARS ”I have no idea,” says Ward. ”Hopefully I’ll be involved in younger bands’ lives, trying to use the knowledge I’ve gained to cut out some of the bulls — – other bands have to go through. There’s a lot of f — -ed-up stuff in the music industry.”

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