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EW Staff
January 16, 2001 AT 05:00 AM EST

Why ”Basic Instinct 2” may not be good for Sharon Stone

”Sharon is ready, willing and able to play the role. She’s in shape, she loves the screenplay, and she wants to make the movie.”
–Sharon Stone’s manager Chuck Binder, on the prospect of making the long delayed ”Basic Instinct 2”

We’re so sorry, Ms. Stone. There you are, toned within an inch of your life, just panting to get your manicured paws on that ice pick again — but the sequel to your 1992 thriller, which should have been under way by now, has been delayed yet again by the movie’s lack of a leading man. As a chance at career revival, ”Basic Instinct 2” may end up being nothing but a mirage. But might we suggest that this setback could offer more than just a chance to give the treadmill a rest?

We agree that it couldn’t be more unfair that here’s Michael Douglas, your ”Instinct” costar, heading into the sunset of his middle age with an elegant young wife, Catherine Zeta-Jones, and Oscar worthy roles in ”Wonder Boys” and ”Traffic,” with nary a mention of what kind of shape he may or may not be in. But isn’t it time for you to consider a role in which your looks might be secondary? Or, more to the point, isn’t it time for you to consider your roles in general?

You, Ms. Stone, are an exercise in frustration for your fans. You are glamorous, smart, and savvy. But frankly, it’s been a long, long time since your movies reflected this. Let’s not even start with ”The Muse” or ”Simpatico.” We’ll banish ”The Quick and the Dead” from our minds. Remember your stellar performance as a Las Vegas gal on the make in Martin Scorsese’s ”Casino”? By working with a talented director and taking a risk, you reminded everyone that you’ve got the goods — and not just in the looks department.

It’s a testament to your star power that the public stays fascinated by you, even as you make more career missteps than John Travolta in the ’80s. But now is a perfect time to get yourself back on track. You’ve left L.A. for San Francisco. You’re a new mom. You’re, well, old enough to have some interesting experience to bring to the screen.

So here’s wishing that instead of crossing your legs or batting your eyelashes or caressing an ice pick, your next project is one that asks you to bring more to it than your body and your enthusiasm. (Is there still a part to spare in Mike Nichols’ New York stage production of ”The Seagull” this summer?) But hey, this is only a suggestion. Because as much as we’d love to see you pulling a Streep or a Sarandon, we have to admit it: should ”Basic Instinct 2” suddenly come together, we will be the first in line at the box office.

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