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''Survivor'' 2's Amber already has the most fan sites

Only one episode into her 15 minutes, she's Web worthy

Amber Brkich, Survivor: The Australian Outback

(Amber Brkich: Monty Brinton)

Weeks before ”Survivor” 2’s premiere, Amber Brkich had a fan site. And she’s still winning the Miss Popularity contest at Yahoo!, with five pages (as opposed to three or fewer for each of the other contestants). Since so little is known about Brkich, the sites all have the exact same photos and bios. So which one’s worth visiting? Only on Westminster College’s Amber Fan Club message boards will you find alums of the New Wilmington, Pa., school reminiscing about all the times they lusted after the public relations major in class. ”She was very popular,” says webmaster and Westminster senior Eric Bass. ”She’s one of those girls that was really attractive but wasn’t stuck up about it.”