Friends: Warners Bros Television
Ken Tucker
February 05, 2001 AT 05:00 AM EST

The debut of the super sized ”Friends” falls flat

Feeling a little bit fried from last night’s “super sized” ”Friends”? Did you watch with one part of your brain trying to figure out where the producers padded out the episode to make it last 40 minutes?

Here’s my guess: Had ”Friends” been its usual length, we’d have seen less Elliott Gould and that curiously mopey Daddy always loved Ross more than Monica subplot, which would have been much to its benefit. As it was, guest star Jason Alexander didn’t get the showcase his character warranted, and the whole enterprise seemed slow and pokey; I started looking at my watch, hoping the special edition ”Saturday Night Live” stuff would be coming soon. But nope, another scene back in that garage with glum Gould. So far, super sizing seems like a commercial gamble that’s not paying off in entertainment.

What did you think of Thursday night?s episode?

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