Jeff Jensen
February 09, 2001 AT 05:00 AM EST

It’s fashionable to say of Moore’s America’s Best Comics titles — the supercop soap Top 10, the retro-future science hero Tom Strong, the mythic muse Promethea, and the po-mo humor anthology Tomorrow Stories — that while they may not rank among the brilliant Brit’s more transcendent achievements (Watchmen, From Hell), they’re still some of the best superhero comics published today. But his first year of stories (now collected in various hardbacks) has been hit-and-miss. Yes, his comics are steeped in his genius for world making, with panels packed with a production designer’s attention to detail. But judged against past work, Top 10‘s year-one mystery was a lazy stab at epic narrative. Only Promethea is worthy of the old Moore, especially with the talented penciler J.H. Williams III seemingly hell-bent on reinventing the art of comics storytelling. Now, if only Moore could be so inspired — again. Promethea: A- The rest: B

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