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Bruce Fretts
February 12, 2001 AT 05:00 AM EST

Maralyn is kicked off ”Survivor”

Mad Dog, we hardly knew ye. Hard case ex- police inspector Maralyn became the third castaway cast away from ”Survivor: The Australian Outback.” After she fell down repeatedly during the obstacle course immuniOgakty challenge, all of her Ogakor teammates except Keith the salt and peppery chef voted against her. I’m sensing a pattern: People with unconventionally spelled names are being targeted. First Debb, then Kel, now Maralyn. This doesn’t bode well for Rodger, Jerri, Kimmi, and to a lesser extent, Elisabeth.

Other notable moments from this exceptionally entertaining episode: Michael the balding software publisher (who is starting to resemble Matt Frewer more than Ed Harris) became obsessed with killing a pig, fashioning the Kuchas’ only knife into a spear, despite the fact that none of his other teammates have actually seen a pig. Ogakor won a fishing kit in the reward challenge, a water carrying competition. The seafood they caught finally allowed Keith to show off his culinary skills, with orgasmic results, judging from Amber’s reaction.

Maralyn’s ouster was especially surprising considering she had forged a seemingly strong bond with Tina, the nurse from Knoxville. Mad Dog practically drooled all over her supposed pal, calling her both ”a star” and ”a constellation” — an astral impossibility — and proclaiming, ”I’m conjoined with Tina” (to her credit, she did use the word “conjoined” properly). That didn’t stop Tina from voting against Maralyn, although she did draw a sad face on her parchment. This wasn’t the show’s only unlikely duo. A number of other odd couples have also emerged:

RODGER AND ELISABETH The farmer/ teacher now inexplicably known as ”Kentucky Joe” (I get the Kentucky part, but where does Joe come from?) has established a fatherly relationship with the Massachusetts footwear designer. He even gave her a heart shaped rock and told her, ”You’re a sweet little gal. Your parents have got a lot to be proud of.” Elisabeth subsequently promised that during future tribal councils, ”I will not spell that man’s name.” But she didn’t make any promises about misspelling his name.

JEFF AND ALICIA The kvetchy Internet projects manager and the buff personal trainer have formed an alliance designed to ensure they’re among the final four — and that their competition is weak. They’ve already zeroed in on Elisabeth and Nick as potential threats (”I don’t trust him as far as I can spit,” Jeff said of the Harvard law student). This seems to be a strictly strategic partnership; there’s zero sexual tension between these two.

JERRI AND COLBY There’s plenty of sexual tension here, however. The aspiring actress and the cowboy auto customizer flirted like a couple of high schoolers, debating such deep topics as crunchy vs. creamy peanut butter and chocolate chip vs. oatmeal raisin cookies. Despite all her massages and nuzzling, however, Colby remains wary of Jerri. As well he should: She confessed that she would vote against him to save her own skin. Just remember, Colby, she’s an actress. Or at least an aspiring one.

Who’s your favorite “Survivor” couple? And who do you think will pair off next?

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