Say It Isn't So |


Chris Klein, Heather Graham, ...

(Say It Isn't So: Chris Helcermanas_Benge)

She’s got everything: great looks, charm, a sense of humor – and the same set of parents as he? Hmmm. Leave it to producers Bobby and Peter Farrelly to screw up a perfectly good love affair. ”Say It Isn’t So” rides that fine line between heartwarming romance and total depravity, as country boy Gilly (Klein) falls in love with gorgeous blond Jo (Graham), then realizes she might be his sister. When it all turns out to be a terrible misunderstanding, Gilly has to race cross country to stop her from marrying another man.

While the movie marks the full fledged directing debut of the Farrellys’ longtime assistant director, and was written by two first timers, it smacks of Farrelly mischief. ”I become quite intimate with an animatronic cow’s hindquarters,” says Klein. ”All I can say is, thank goodness for stunt gel.” ”Austin Powers”’ Graham actually thought twice before saying yes to her role. ”I was a little nervous to make another comedy,” she says. ”All of a sudden, I’m comedy girl. But I read the script and almost ended up peeing in my pants.” Sounds like a scene from the movie.