Nicholas Fonseca
February 16, 2001 AT 05:00 AM EST

In a new twist, Britney Spears is causing a fashion commotion by putting something on. The pop princess’ Super Bowl take on the tube sock scored a fashion touchdown. ”I loved it,” gushes celeb stylist Ryan Colby, who has worked with Ryan Phillippe and Jared Leto, adding ”It’s a Flashdance-y — but more updated — look, a throwback to the ’80s.” The tube-sock revolution emerged in Japan and France, migrated to urban dance clubs and bars, and will soon hit mainstream outlets like Urban Outfitters (which plans to sell embroidered athletic wristbands and charm-laden arm socks this spring). ”Right now, the look is preppy, it’s retro-sport, or it’s punk,” says Sue Otto, creative director for Urban Outfitters. ”This sock-band thing is a great accent.” And with a six-pack of tubers from Fruit Of The Loom, it’s truly cheap chic.

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