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Bruce Fretts
February 19, 2001 AT 05:00 AM EST

Mitchell gets voted off ”Survivor”

The bigger they are, the harder they fall. Seven foot tall South Dakota singer – songwriter Mitchell became the fourth competitor to go down Down Under on CBS’ ”Survivor: The Australian Outback.” His exit was assured only after a pair of unprecedented tribal council tie votes (”It seems we’re deadlocked,” host Jeff Probst melodramatically intoned). Because Mitchell had received one vote at a previous bonfire — unlike chef Keith, who had a clean slate — the tall guy got the old heave ho.

Mitchell was the third Ogakor member booted in a row (”Kucha is kicking your ass,” Probst helpfully observed), and it was his wrong answer at the trivia quiz challenge that lost the immunity idol for his tribe. Who knew that you should never put wet rocks near a fire? Actually, Alicia did, even though the hardheaded hardbody had blown three earlier questions. Those weren’t the episode’s only nagging queries, however. To wit:

Is Mike-o a psycho or what? The Colonel Kurtzian warrior seems to be losing his mind along with his hair. The casualties caused by his bloodlust included a rooster named Rocky that Kucha had won in a reward challenge (chickens Ruby, Polly, and Henrietta were spared) and a pig that he stalked and killed with a knife in a scene so gruesome CBS had to run a viewer advisory before it aired. And you thought ”Hannibal” was gross.

Does Colby have Jerri’s number? The auto customizer seems to be seeing through the aspiring actress’ act. Despite her incessant flirting (”you’re all muscle,” she cooed as he gave her a piggyback ride across the water) and blasé observation that ”there’s obviously some attraction between us,” he’s starting to give her the cold shoulder. She’s used to a much warmer climate where she comes from. No, not L.A. — Hell.

What was with this week’s physically unchallenging challenges? Putting together a gigantic sliding map puzzle? Answering science questions? C’mon, guys, you’re in the Australian Outback, not the ”Big Brother” house.

Did Kimmi expect her teammates to go vegetarian? It’s one thing to refrain from eating mammals for your own philosophical reasons. But to weep when your starving fellow tribe members chow down on chicken and pork seems a bit much. And whining ”What is wrong with you people? This is sick!” isn’t a great way to win friends and influence tribal council votes.

Was Mitchell really surprised by his dismissal? Given a chance to plead their cases before the final tally, Keith promised, ”I’m a competitor. I’ll fight to the bitter end,” while Mitchell confessed that he was physically and emotionally drained and couldn’t match Keith’s strength. Sounds like Polly, Ruby, and Henrietta weren’t the show’s only chickens.

What ”Survivor” questions are still stuck in your mind?

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