Here's's ''Temptation Island'' episode guide |


Here's's ''Temptation Island'' episode guide

We give you a blow by blow account of Fox's hot meat 'n' greet

Temptation Island

(Temptation Island: Jason Willheim/FOX)

As Fox’s ”Temptation Island” ends its limited run (the series finale is Weds., Feb. 28), we look back fondly on the raunchy skin baring babes and beefcakes who put their love on the line… for our entertainment. Here are detailed postshow reports on each episode, plus Ken Tucker’s review of the series, and more. Enjoy!


”Temptation Island”’s couples stay together
Fox’s finale is long on tears but short on excitement, says Justine Elias

Will ”Temptation Island”’s Mandy and Billy go to hell?
The couples embark on dream dates, but most don’t feel like straying, says Justine Elias

Will a hot kiss cause a ”Temptation Island” breakup?
Maybe, but Kaya’s passion for Megan seems short lived, says Mickey O’Connor

Taheed and Ytossie get booted from ”Temptation Island”
Fox producers should have realized they had two troubled parents in the singles paradise, says Justine Elias

Mandy does body shots on ”Temptation Island”
But that’s not the show’s most fascinating stupid human trick, says Justine Elias

Who is the most annoying couple on ”Temptation Island”?
The race is tight, but Bruce Fretts manages to pick a winner

”Temptation Island” is less than alluring
Great bodies and idiotic comments highlight this subpar ”Real World,” says Josh Wolk

What will the horny morons of ”Temptation Island” do next?


He Said, She Said
”Temptation Island” gets EW’s critics hot and bothered
The fleshfest’s immorality is immaterial, say Kristen Baldwin and Josh Wolk

”Temptation Island”’s dream dates speak out
Playboy model/ M.D. Alison and Ivy League Tom tell what you didn’t see on camera

Burning Questions
”Temptation Island”’s producer answers EW’s burning questions