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What To Watch

A day-to-day guide to notable programs (times are Eastern standard and are subject to change)

Monday February 19

The King Of Queens (CBS, TV-PG) In the twisted logic department, Carrie and Doug decide that sex is ruining their relationship.

The Unfinished Civil War (History Channel, TV-G) You mean, those aren’t actually reenactments going on in Gettysburg?

Everybody Loves Raymond (CBS, TV-PG-D) Ray worries the twins may be packing pixie dust when the boys volunteer to be fairies in the school play.

Abraham And Mary Lincoln: A House Divided (PBS, TV-G) American Experience presents a six hour study of the lives of the Great Emancipator and his somewhat loony wife. (Concludes Feb. 21.) *Check Local Listings

Season Premiere 10-10:30PM
Daria (MTV, TV-PG) Lawndale High goes caffeine crazy when Principal Li accepts a corporate sponsorship from Ultra Cola.

Season Premiere 10:30-11PM
2gether (MTV, TV-14) Left without a record label or home at the end of last season, the boys of 2gether go ”pirate style,” taking their act underground to elude the cops. But What-ev Records will do anything to get the group back under contract, including taking band member Q.T. (played by the recently deceased Michael Cuccione, upper right) hostage. As usual, the laughs are hit and miss, but there’s something reassuring about seeing a boy band actually in on the joke. B+ <! – lead – >

Tuesday February 20

Curtis Court (TV-PG) When two friends argue over a snake and two rats, they go to America’s foremost expert, Susan Hawk. *Check Local Listings

Epicenter (UPN, TV-PG) Cons: It’s another earthquake movie. Pros: It stars Traci Lords.

The Mole (ABC, TV-PG-L) You ever notice how half of this show every week consists solely of people asking for directions?

Frasier (NBC, TV-PG) Niles asks Daphne to go on a diet. Daphne tells Niles to shut up and pass the HO HOs.

MTV Uncensored: The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue 2001 (MTV, TV-PG) Now, exactly how uncensored are we talking about here?

Judging Amy (CBS, TV-PG) The family starts falling apart when Peter and Gillian lose little Ned.

The Target Shoots First (Cinemax, TV-PG) When college grad Christopher Wilcha (left) took on a job at Columbia House music club in 1993, he brought with him a camcorder and his punk rock attitude; miraculously, he was allowed to keep both. Wilcha could have easily used his boardroom and backroom access to craft a snide assault on big business. Instead, his open minded approach and can do credo are inspiring. A Brian M. Raftery <! – lead – >