Baby Boy

Genre: Drama; Starring: Tyrese, Angell Conwell, Snoop Dogg, Omar Gooding, Taraji P. Henson, Adrienne-Joi Johnson, Ving Rhames; Director: John Singleton; Author: John Singleton; Producer (group): Sony Pictures Entertainment; Release Date Wide: 06/27/2001; Runtime (in minutes): 127; MPAA Rating: R; Distributor: Columbia Pictures

Jody (Tyrese Gibson), the strapping, sloe-eyed, 20-year-old protagonist of John Singleton’s ambling yet impassioned film, is, by any definition, a bum. Jobless and pleasure-seeking, with two young children by two different women, he can’t focus on anything but the next moment. The movie is lurching and repetitive, yet Singleton creates such an intricate and painful sense of what’s going on inside Jody that his haphazard days have more fullness, more life, than most movie characters’ tidy arcs. Gibson gives a broodingly responsive performance as a young man who refuses to grow up because it would mean he’d have to stop fighting himself.

Originally posted July 20 2001 — 12:00 AM EDT

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