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Mail: Britney Spears

Readers respond to the Queen of Pop, Sarah Michelle Gellar, and Michael Jackson

Love her or loathe her, Britney still drives ‘em crazy. Reactions to our cover featuring the teen queen (#624, Nov. 9) were almost as heated as a Spears show. ”Britney sounded more like a selfish 16-year-old than an adult,” growls Becky Hunt of Cedar Lake, Ind. ”If [she’s] serious about going for the older crowd, she needs to get her Britney dolls off toy store shelves.” But not all speared the pop star. ”I couldn’t have been happier with your cover!” says Erick Flores of Stanford, Calif. ”[And] it was nice to catch up on what she’s up to.” Equally appreciated was our Scout 100 package. Says Marc Weinberg of Los Angeles: ”There are [people] who’ve grown tired of the same old gifts!” Time to kiss the Furby goodbye.

True Brit

Wow! Your cover featuring Britney Spears was your best front page to date. There will no doubt be readers who will write in and complain, but I think that your cover found that perfect ground between conservative and erotic. Oh, and by the way, the article was pretty good too.
Kent, Ohio

The Britney Spears article said what I’ve been thinking for a long time…”not that innocent,” my a–.
Kalamazoo, Mich.

She’s so lucky! She’s a star! And now she has her own fabulous EW cover! Thank you, guys, for a great issue featuring this gem!
New Orleans

Spare us the whiny tripe about Britney Spears’ teenage oppression. She drew the Good-Girl Box around herself when she first started annoying us three years ago, so excuse my lack of sympathy for her now. Everyone in Ms. Spears’ age group has identity problems. We just can’t all drive around in our Porsche and think about them.
Alliance, Ohio

Britney Spears makes me long for the days when an artist had to be talented to have a record deal. And seeing the airbrush work on the cover reminds me of just how fake she is.
Concord, Calif.

I’m a 25-year-old gay male, but after seeing your latest issue, with Britney on the cover, I’m starting to wonder. She’s simultaneously enticing, sexy, and innocent. Kudos to EW for exposing this little star (no pun intended).

Is our society so starved for entertainment that a simpleminded 19-year-old product of pop culture with marginal talent can warrant six pages in your magazine? The reason she doesn’t know what her ”freakin”’ image is, is because she never created it—the media did. Like so many of her tween-pop counterparts out there, she’s always been and always will be just a little girl imitating a star.

Articles and cover pictures of Britney Spears and Sarah Michelle Gellar?? Oh, EW, I’m a slave for u!!
Oshkosh, Wis.

Please tell me that Britney Spears didn’t actually say ”the worst thing that could happen is if my boyfriend would break up with me.” Or, better yet, assure us that this interview took place before Sept. 11. I can’t believe this came out of the mouth of someone who wants us to believe she’s not ”a little girl.” Being in love is one thing, being insipid is another.
Bradenton, Fla.

White Glove Treatment

I found David Browne’s article on Michael Jackson (Music) disturbing. Reviews need not include a personal attack. I would have assumed that EW would have found a less biased writer to review the CD. Give the man some credit—30 years of performing and he still has millions of fans around the world.
Irvine, Calif.