EW Staff
December 07, 2001 AT 05:00 AM EST

GOLDIE HAWN ”The Bette Davis character in All About Eve, with Katie [Hudson] maybe playing the Anne Baxter role.”

TÉA LEONI (Jurassic Park III) “Elizabeth Taylor in Giant.”

JERRY O’CONNELL (Tomcats) ”Stripes. It’s time to bring the ’80s movies back.”

FRAN DRESCHERHis Girl Friday. People have compared me to Rosalind Russell.”

SHAQUILLE O’NEALThe Fish That Saved Pittsburgh.”

LUCY LAWLESS (Xena: Warrior Princess) ”Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? Elizabeth Taylor was stupendous.”

STEVE HARVEYUptown Saturday Night. We could knock it over the wall, man.”

ALAN CUMMING (The Anniversary Party) ”Casablanca, and I would be Peter Lorre.”

FRANKIE MUNIZ (Malcolm in the Middle) ”Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. I’m very much like Ferris—cool, and I don’t let anything get to me.”

MATTHEW PERRY “A third Blue Lagoon might be good.”

WENDIE MALICK (Just Shoot Me) ”Breakfast at Tiffany’s starring me, from the neck down.”

HALLE BERRYOf Human Bondage.”

TOMMY CHONGShane. “Come back, Shane.'”

TORI SPELLINGIce Castles. I saw that when I was little. I begged to take ice-skating lessons.”

BRADLEY WHITFORD (The West Wing) ”The Great Dictator. I have this thing for playing politicians.”

HALEY JOEL OSMENT ”I’d like to see A.I. remade with a real robot playing me.”

DAVID JAMES ELLIOTT (JAG) ”The Cincinnati Kid would be cool. I’d be a fine choice to follow Steve McQueen.”

WAYNE BRADY (Whose Line Is It Anyway?) ”Logan’s Run, but I’d call it Run, Rahim, Run. Just a brother running down the street for his life.”

HEATHER GRAHAM (From Hell) ”When I get old I’d like to remake Harold and Maude.”

DORIS ROBERTS (Everybody Loves Raymond) ”Harold and Maude—and Giovanni Ribisi could play my Harold.”

PATRICK SWAYZE (Donnie Darko) ”I would love to remake Zorro, the Gay Blade.”

MARILYN MANSONWilly Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. That’s been my dream.”

SEAN PATRICK THOMAS (Save the Last Dance) ”One of the early Sean Connery James Bond movies. It’s time for a brother to be Bond.”

MICHAEL CLARKE DUNCAN (The Green Mile) ”Godzilla. And I’d want to be the monster.”

MATTHEW LILLARD (Thirteen Ghosts) ”Any Jimmy Stewart movie. I keep telling the studios that I’m a young Jimmy Stewart, but they’re not listening.”

CLORIS LEACHMAN (The Ellen Show) ”Peter Pan, but now I’d have to play the crocodile.”

RAY ROMANO ”I couldn’t say Titanic ’cause that’s only a couple years old, right?”

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