Lynette Rice
February 01, 2002 AT 05:00 AM EST

Finally, something good to report about NBC’s ailing movie department: Wave goodbye to fantasy flops like ”The Magical Legend of the Leprechauns” and ”The 10th Kingdom.” Instead, look for the net to churn out fewer flicks (eight, down from 35 two years ago), most of which not-so-coincidentally resemble the successful fare on CBS and ABC (such as ”Surviving Gilligan’s Island” and ”The Facts of Life Reunion,” respectively). So brace yourself for reunions of ”L.A. Law” (with the show’s debut cast, including Harry Hamlin and Susan Dey) and ”The Cosby Show,” both airing on NBC this spring.

Also in the works: a remake of Stephen King’s prom-queen horror tale ”Carrie.” ”It’s the timeless story of an underdog getting revenge,” says exec VP of movies Jeff Gaspin, who’s also given the thumbs-up to an update of TV’s ”Lost in Space.”

”At the moment, we’re looking for familiar pop-culture titles,” says Gaspin. ”And don’t be surprised if you see guilty pleasures on NBC.” We can see it now — ”Fear Factor: The Movie.”

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