Kissing Jessica Stein |


Heather Juergensen, Jennifer Westfeldt, ...

Best buds Westfeldt and Juergensen originally planned a theater piece when they developed the story of a neurotic journalist who, after dating every schmo in New York, decides to answer a personal ad written by a woman. But before it was ready for the big screen, it needed a new title. ”For a long time,” says director Herman-Wurmfeld, ”it was called something I so hated that I was like, ‘You know I’ve been chasing this project forever, but I won’t direct a movie called ”Seeking Same.”’ I called it ‘Seeking Lame.”’

As in 1997’s ”Chasing Amy,” the team’s decidedly contemporary romance, which plays with the idea of sexuality as a choice, will certainly ruffle some feathers. But the two stars, both of whom currently have boyfriends, weren’t freaked out by their graphic (and comical) love scenes. ”We’ve had such an intense writing relationship that it’s really not a big leap,” says Juergensen. ”It didn’t strike me as anything weird.” Seconds Westfeldt: ”By the time we filmed the movie, we were like an old married couple.”