Bruce Fretts
February 15, 2002 AT 05:00 AM EST

Here’s another question hanging over the Friends contract talks: Should the stars return for season 9, will there be enough plotlines left for them? Maybe they should consider these ideas.

— Chandler loses his job as we learn that the never-named corporation where he works is actually…Enron.

— Joey thinks he’s gotten his big break when he’s cast on the latest Survivor, but he’s voted off in the first episode after his stash of meatball subs is discovered.

— As part of her ongoing image-rehab program, Mariah Carey drops by Central Perk and duets with Phoebe on ”Smelly Cat.”

— After accidentally impregnating girlfriend Mona, Ross gets married for a fourth time and immediately undergoes a vasectomy.

— Phoebe’s triplets return to live with her —only now they’re just twins, and they’re played by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.

— Rachel endures a serious case of postpartum depression and stops doing her hair, forcing an intervention by the gang.

— Winona Ryder returns as Rachel’s sorority sister, who calls her for bail after a ”misunderstanding” at Saks Fifth Avenue.

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