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Harry Knows

Stories this big don’t plop in your lap,” says Ain’t It CoolNews muckraker Harry Knowles, who claims two middle-aged”scruffy-looking types” approached him in Austin March 11 andoffered an advance screening of Star Wars: Episode II – Attack ofthe Clones. ”I figured it was the funniest ploy ever for anindie film guy to show me his Star Wars spoof flick,” herecalls. Instead, Knowles purportedly saw an unfinished print ofClones, which he praised effusively on his website. Among thealleged highlights: a gloves-off battle between Count Dooku(Christopher Lee) and Yoda; a surprise appearance by the DeathStar; and Jar Jar Binks (reduced to a cameo) greeted withlaughter as he joins the Galactic Senate. ”We don’t know how hecould have seen it,” insists a Lucasfilm rep, who declined tocomment on plot points or the apparent leak. ”But we like thereview.”

– Scott Brown




AT THE MOVIES, future Sex and the City star Kim Cattrall’s(right) vampy vixen rep is born howling in Porky’s. IN MUSIC,Joan Jett & the Blackhearts can afford to put a couple milliondimes in the jukebox, baby, as ”I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll” hits No. 1on the Billboard chart. in BOOKSTORES, Shel Silverstein’s ALight in the Attic blazes near the top of the Publishers Weeklybest-seller list. AND IN THE NEWS, the fledgling space shuttleprogram gets a boost as NASA monitors the Columbia’s currentcosmic voyage while announcing plans for a space station calledSpacelab.