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Them Again

Before Ross and Rachel took a break, before George Costanzamastered his domain, NBC’s Thursday night was big. This spring,the Huxtables, the lawyers of McKenzie Brackman, and thebarflies at a pub where everybody knows your name are comingback for reunions. – William Keck

– For The Cosby Show Retrospective (May 19), stars will reflecton the 1984-92 run in interviews interspersed with clips. (LisaBonet was the only holdout at press time.) But recollection won’tbe easy for all; Raven-Symone was 3 when she joined the cast in’89. ”NBC is putting together a tape to help me remember,” saysthe actress, now 16. ”I remember what the floors looked like andhow Mr. Cosby smelled – like flavorful cigars and grandfatherlyperfume.”

– The retirement of John Ratzenberger’s Cliff from the postoffice is the premise for a mini-Cheers reunion on Frasier April30. George Wendt and Rhea Perlman will be on hand, says KelseyGrammer, whose character flies back to Beantown: ”It’s like anold Cheers with a lot of bar humor.” Of the old regulars, onlyKirstie Alley hasn’t appeared on Frasier. (”Kirstie once said…she’d never do a show about a psychiatrist,” says Grammer. Alley,a Scientologist with aversions to psychiatry, says she’d doFrasier only if she got to, ahem, do Frasier. She adds she’snever been asked to cameo.)

– On May 12’s L.A. Law: The Movie, 11 actors return, includinglawyer lovebirds Susan Dey and Harry Hamlin. It’s convenient thatscheduling prevented a return for Jimmy Smits, whose characterwed Dey’s after Hamlin left the show. Smits wished Dey well in anote she shares with EW: ”Have a great shoot, darlin’. Hey, didwe get divorced or what?” Meanwhile, Dey has no plans to repriseher Partridge Family role: ”How can I revisit boyfriends andbraces?”

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”It was easy to get out of his punishments, but, man, he’s a good yeller – ol’ yeller. A good screaming could put me in my place.” – Drena De Niro, on her father (and Showtime costar) ROBERT DENIRO