Laphnee Lynn Duplaix: Rick Mandler/Rangefinders/Globe Photos
Jessica Shaw
April 05, 2002 AT 05:00 AM EST

Ah, the assets of Playboy Playmates: flawless bodies, innovative grooming styles, respect for their elders (Hef), and, you guessed it, intelligence.

Yes, that’s pretty much ”Weakest Link” exec producer Phil Gurin’s story (and he’s sticking to it): ”They all had to go through a pretest, and some may be a little stereotypical, but they’re a lot smarter than people think.”

Thanks to Gurin and his team, we got to tune in for the all-Playmate edition of ”Weakest Link” in early April. Unless you didn’t, in which case’s here to help you out. We’ve got photos of the women who participated, on and off screen.

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