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Tyra Banks, Halloween: Resurrection

(Halloween Resurrection: Dimension Films)

For those who’ve lost count, this is the eighth of these babies (which would make unstoppable slasher Michael Myers nearly 50 years old – how crazy is that?). After a 21-year hiatus, Rosenthal, who directed ”Halloween II,” was lured back by the idea of reteaming with Curtis, and a script that reminded him of ”a modern version of ‘Rear Window.”’

This time around, a bunch of kids are enticed into Myers’ house by an Internet entrepreneur (Rhymes), who sets up a publicity stunt involving a live webcast. Pretty soon, the teens are watching Myers live and killing, and their only recourse is to communicate with the doomed via handheld e-mail device. One of those spared is Rhymes, who has a seriocomic run-in with the masked maniac. While the rapper-actor won’t divulge details, he asserts that ”I can honestly say I didn’t die.”