Paige Davis: TLC
Lisa Costantini
April 26, 2002 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Known For Rolling up her sleeves and getting more involved than the previous host Alex McLeod did
Words of Wisdom ”Welcome to ‘Trading Spaces’ — the show where two sets of neighbors swap homes for two days and redecorate one room in each other’s place, with only $1,000.”
Best Idea Allowing daring designer Hildi to spend $500 over the allotted $1,000 budget (the first time in ”TS”’s history of 170 redesigned homes) and not demanding it come out of her own pocket (which is what the show normally requires when designers go over). Hildi had to buy new couches after the Seattle rain ruined the perfectly fine set she opted to spray-paint Day-Glow pink.
Worst Idea ”The hay episode [where Hildi used hay in lieu of wallpaper],” says Paige. ”I really liked it in the end, but when I had that wallpaper adhesive all over my hands, I mean, let’s get real — we were taking handfuls of straw and smacking it on the wall. I thought, They are going to hate this. Hello? Barn? Did anybody smell that coming in here?”
We Say We have to agree with Paige on the worst ”TS” idea, but we’re still not so sure we liked it in the end.

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