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We rate TV sweeps' hottest catfights

We rate TV sweeps' hottest catfights. May sweeps are here again, and the nets are wooing advertisers with their best shows and brightest stars. EW.com tells you who wins and who loses

Tom Welling, Alias, ...

(Smallville: © The WB/ David Gray; Alias: ABC/NORMAN JEAN ROY)


We say No contest: Sydney Bristow kicks Superboy’s butt. Scientific studies have shown that people’s pulse rates drop while watching TV, but not so with ABC’s supercharged spy show. Hell, the sight of Jennifer Garner alone could induce palpitations. Not to mention the fact that ”Alias” boasts one of TV’s best supporting casts, including the Emmy-worthy Victor Garber and Ron Rifkin. ”Smallville,” on the other hand, has turned into a real snooze-inducer. The initial scripts were witty, but the show’s strict ”no tights, no flights” policy has kept it grounded in soggy, ”Dawson’s Creek”-style teen angst. It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a bore!
Winner ”Alias”