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What TV's best moms need for Mother's Day

Here are the Mother's Day presents we'd give to Rachel on ''Friends,'' Abbey on ''The West Wing,'' and seven other TV moms

Lauren Graham, Gilmore Girls

(Lauren Graham: Ron Batzdorff)

Lorelai (Lauren Graham)

MOTHER’S DAY GIFT Complete spa treatment

WHY She already had one treatment this season, but guess what? She needs another. We love Lorelai. She’s friendly, funny, and feisty. But sometimes homegirl needs to chillllllllll. She gets too wound up and flustered, leaving daughter Rory to play the calm, cool, and collected one. What mom needs is a full head-to-toe massage to loosen things up, followed by several ridiculously named (and priced) bath treatments. Calgon, take her away.