Gary Susman
June 12, 2002 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Back in 1969, Playboy launched a late-night variety series called ”Playboy After Dark,” which featured jazz musicians and comedians performing on a stage set built to look like a penthouse apartment. Now, Hugh Hefner is shopping what looks like a rather less highbrow version of the show (less Playboy, more Maxim) to various cable channels as a potential weekly series.

”’Playboy After Dark’ is one of the jewels in Playboy’s crown and was considered an important cornerstone in Hugh Hefner’s legacy,” producer Kevin Burns tells Variety. ”It was groundbreaking, in terms of being interracial, intergenerational and in terms of its format.” As described by Variety, the new ”Playboy After Dark” sounds somewhat less groundbreaking; it’ll just be the 76-year-old Hefner hosting a bash at the Playboy Mansion in Hollywood. Still, you have to admire the guy for finding yet another way to go to work without leaving the house or taking off his bathrobe.

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