Brian Hiatt
June 19, 2002 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Attention, FCC: A new Victoria’s Secret special will air on CBS this fall, according to the New York Daily News. While presumably including the same scanty fashions that led critics to accuse ABC’s earlier special of peddling porn last year, the CBS version will include high-profile musical guests and a (presumably) fully clothed host, the Daily News reported….

It’s not like they announced SpongeBob SquarePants was gay, but a kid-targeted Nickelodeon news special about same-sex parenting sparked thousands of protest e-mails and phone calls on Tuesday, according to the Hollywood Reporter. Conservative groups organized protests of the Linda Ellerbee-hosted show, ”My Family is Different,” accusing the network of being ”co-opted by homosexual activists,” according to the Reporter. The network defended its program as objective news reporting….

Thanks in part to its reality-based ”Law & Order” spin-off ”Crime and Punishment,” NBC won the prime-time ratings race for the seventh week in a row, according to the Associated Press. Fox, meanwhile, found success with ”American Idol,” which gained nearly 2 million viewers from its first airing to its second. But Fox’s other new reality entry, ”Looking for Love: Bachelorettes in Alaska,” went looking for viewers, with only 4.5 million tuning in….

ABC’s defunct comedy ”My Adventures in Television,” which mocks mean TV execs, has drawn real-life accusations of cruelty, according to the Associated Press. An episode that poked fun at the adoption of a Chinese baby sparked protests from parents, and caused Kodak to pull its advertising from the show, AP reported. Among the objectionable jokes: a character said he wouldn’t eat a Chinese infant ”because a half-hour later, I’m hungry and I have to eat another.” The canceled show’s exec producer, Peter Tolan, told the wire service that critics should ”get a sense of humor.”

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