Jennifer Conrad
June 19, 2002 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Two of this year’s biggest tours — Ozzfest and the Area 2 — are headed by musicians who would never be mistaken for twins separated at birth: Ozzy and Moby. Here’s our handy guide to some of the differences between the 36-year-old vegan techno wizard and the 53-year-old foul-mouthed, hard-rocking MTV dad.

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Aging rocker on the tour Metal madman Rob Zombie Space oddity David Bowie
Audience Balding metalheads, and teenage counterparts Hipsters with shaved heads, and teenage counterparts
Needed at the concert Ham to toss at mediocre opening acts Wraparound sunglasses and shiny clothing
In the pit Moshing, stray fists, and raging testosterone Belly rings and lanky blissed-out groovers
Tools of the trade Power guitars and wailed vocals Macintosh computers and stacks of LPs
Stance on religion Sings ‘I am not the antichrist’ Devout Christian
On meat Loves it, including live bats No animal products in more than a decade
Animal lover? Once worked in a slaughterhouse Titled 1996 album ”Animal Rights”
Home turf Cluttered Beverly Hills mansion, seen on MTV Spare, stylish loft in NYC’s funky Lower East Side
Surprising role model Put John Lennon’s ”Imagine” on his family’s CD Wore an ”I Love Eminem” shirt on ”Saturday Night Live”

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