Dalton Ross
June 21, 2002 AT 04:00 AM EDT

They’ve traveled to the last frontier — both literally and figuratively — to find husbands. But who are the five single women in Fox’s Looking for Love: Bachelorettes in Alaska (Sundays at 9 p.m.), and what chance do they really have of snagging that all-important proposal? Unfortunately, as our cheat sheet shows, most of their forecasts remain, well, chilly. — Dalton Ross

Cecile, 26

Persona The Woman Scorned Dating Philosophy ”Sometimes I think I get that vibe, and then I don’t.” Caught Sucking Face on Camera? Absolutely. What The Guys Say ”The bottom line is that I’m not all that attracted to her,” confesses Tim. Engagement Odds 10-1. Trust us, it can’t get any worse than the public humiliation she suffers in the upcoming episode. Or can it?

Rebekah, 27

Persona The Flirt Dating Philosophy ”I love men. That’s just my nature.” Caught Sucking Face on Camera? Not yet, but give the girl some time. What The Guys Say ”She seems kind of, like, maybe hard to please in real life,” Jason astutely observes. Engagement Odds 8-1. As much as she dallies with the dudes, the only one this Jacuzzi floozy seems truly in love with is herself.

Karen, 36

Persona The Shy Girl Dating Philosophy ”My dating life is pretty much nonexistent.” Caught Sucking Face on Camera? Hell, no. What The Guys Say ”She felt like we were getting naked on our first date when we just went for a Jacuzzi and a massage,” complains Matt. ”Which, to me, is no big deal.” Engagement Odds 6-1. Well, we suppose arctic Alaska does need an Ice Queen.

Andrea, 34

Persona The Optimist Dating Philosophy ”I certainly have wondered whether or not I was going to spend the rest of my life alone.” Caught Sucking Face on Camera? And how! What the Guys Say ”I do have worries that Andrea feels more strongly towards me than I do towards her,” says Kristian. ”I’m super-picky.” Engagement Odds 5-1. Kristian loves groping her, but is that all he loves?

Sissie, 31

Persona The self-proclaimed ”Baby Machine” Dating Philosophy ”I’m tired of dating. I think I’ve dated every man this side of the Mississippi.” Caught Sucking Face On Camera? Once. What the Guys Say ”I adore her,” gushes Brent. All together now: Awwwww. Engagement Odds 2-1. She and Brent seem like a match made in heaven. Or in Alaska, at least, which is good enough for us.

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