Clarissa Cruz
June 21, 2002 AT 04:00 AM EDT

”Freddie! Take the boobies out of the freezer!”

Sarah Michelle Gellar is in her trailer on the Warner Bros. backlot, hands on hips in feigned exasperation. ”Put the boobies away!” she shrieks. ”Put. Down. The BOOBIES!”

Freddie Prinze Jr. is standing before a minirefrigerator, a pair of clear, silicone-filled sacs in his hands. He places the quivering faux mammaries in the icebox and turns to his fiancee with a satisfied smirk.

Though that lazy grin has probably sent the hearts of Teen People readers aflutter, it’s not working on Gellar, his costar in Warner’s just-released live-action Scooby-Doo. Clad in a pink sweat suit monogrammed with a blue F (”for Freddie,” she coos later), the tiny, five-foot-three actress fixes Prinze with a glare until he relents and pulls the offending implants out of the cold.

”Kirsten Dunst has bigger boobs than me,” Gellar explains. The actress is on a break from filming a Spider-Man spoof for the June 6 MTV Movie Awards. But remove the auburn wig and fake boobs she’s sporting to parody Dunst’s Mary Jane—and she’s just an ordinary girl getting teased by her boyfriend. That is, as ordinary as you can get when you’re the lead in a fanatically adored TV series, have a famous fiance, and you’re both starring in an $80 million motion picture.

On paper, the stake-wielding star of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Mr. She’s All That are as mismatched as one of Shaggy’s grilled-eggplant-and- chocolate-syrup sandwiches. She wakes before 6:30 a.m.; he can doze until noon. She reads Oprah’s Book Club selections; he devours comic books. She loves to travel; he kissed the ground upon returning from the five-month-long Scooby-Doo shoot in Australia. Her series is humming along; after working the teen-romance circuit, he’s in search of a new thing.

”When we were doing I Know What You Did Last Summer, I would have never thought of those two together,” says the film’s producer Neal H. Moritz. ”I just found them to be so different. But when I see them out or at dinner, they just genuinely care so much about each other.”

In a town filled with celestial couplings — and the tabloid tales that seem to inevitably follow — Gellar, 25, and Prinze, 26, who became friends while costarring in the aforementioned 1997 horror flick, have a reputation for being sickeningly harmonious. ”He’s completely in love with her,” says Prinze’s Down to You costar Rosario Dawson. ”When they got together, he was blown away…. He was thrown by how hard he fell.”

And he still hasn’t touched the ground. Over lunch at a dim L.A. restaurant, Prinze recalls the filming of Scooby, most of which took place in Queensland on Australia’s Gold Coast. ”If Sarah wasn’t there, I would have cracked up,” he says, hunched over his second cup of coffee. ”If I don’t see her for a day, that’s not a very good day.” He straightens and reaches for a slice of goat-cheese pizza. ”That’s my girl, so I gotta hang out with her.” (Insert collective ”Awwwww” here.) ”If we were lonely for home, at least we had to be lonely together. It was a long, long shoot.”

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