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Strings Attached

Move over, Gisele—there’s a new Brazilian import. It’s Rebequinha (”Little Rebecca” in Portuguese), a flirty line of bikinis from Rio de Janeiro that offers styles from vixenish to innocent. ”I wore American bikinis when I first got to Brazil,” says company creator Rebecca Blake, who distributes the duds Stateside with fellow New Yorkers/Brazil-lovers Hilary Semel and Cara Goldberg. But after noting that Brazilian women of all shapes and sizes showed off their assets in skimpy suits, Blake became a convert. As designed by Rio-based Paula Paes Leme, tops and bottoms come in American (more coverage) and Brazilian (barely there) styles. Available at ($80-$90), the year-old collection’s wares have appeared in The Source, Seventeen, Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Issue, and on MTV’s Fashionably Loud/SI fashion show. ”It’s about feeling proud to be a woman and flaunting it,” says Blake. ”Use what you got, baby!” Brazilian bikini wax not included.