Kelsey Grammer: Nancy Kaszerman/ZUMA Press/NewsCom
Gary Susman
July 01, 2002 AT 04:00 AM EDT

You may not think of ”Frasier” star Kelsey Grammer as a tough guy, but he took on 13 wrestlers and kicked them off the beach near his Malibu home. Variety reports that Grammer and his neighbors successfully petitioned the city council to stop production on the third season of ”Tough Enough,” MTV’s reality series about pro-wrestling wannabes training for WWE auditions.

The show had been scheduled to tape for 60 days this summer, and had even delayed the start of the production until after July 4 to accommodate the locals. But that wasn’t enough for the homeowners, who got the council to enforce a Malibu ordinance that limits filming to 14 days. ”After some very unconvincing assurances that our privacy would be respected, we took this action,” Grammer told Variety.

”We can’t begin to understand Mr. Grammer’s reaction,” WWE spokesman Jayson Bernstein told the New York Daily News. ”We were willing to address all his concerns. After all, he made his fame and fortune on television, and we’re disappointed we couldn’t agree on our program.” He told Variety, ”We’re disappointed that the city of Malibu doesn’t recognize our experience in producing TV programming. We’ve always showed respect for the areas and locales we’ve used.”

The Malibu City Council did offer some suggestions to the producers. ”They can go to 818 country [in Los Angeles’ less glamorous San Fernando Valley] and fog the window,” councilman Ken Kearsley told the Malibu Times. ”They can put some sand in a parking lot and call it a beach.”

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