Jennifer Aniston: Andrea Renault/Globe Photos
Gary Susman
July 03, 2002 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Well, we won’t get to hear Jennifer Aniston take the stand. The ”Friends” star had been expected to testify in a lawsuit against the skin magazines that published a photo of her sunbathing topless in her backyard. The trial was scheduled to start yesterday in Los Angeles federal court, but a three-hour closed-door meeting between the two camps resulted in a settlement of the suit that averted a court battle, according to published reports. Lawyers for both sides kept details of the settlement confidential, apparently as one of the terms of the agreement.

Aniston had filed the invasion-of-privacy lawsuit against Man’s World Publications (publisher of Celebrity Skin magazine) and Crescent Publishing Group (publisher of High Society magazine) in August 2000, days after her wedding to Brad Pitt, over both magazines’ publication in 1999 issues of a photo she claimed was taken by a stalkerazzo who she said had scaled an 8-foot-high wall to shoot her in her backyard. Aniston’s suits against the photographer and a British paper that also published the photo are still pending. She also sued American magazine Celebrity Sleuth, French magazine Voici, and Italian publication Eva Tremila; according to E!, all those suits have been settled, with Aniston winning a whopping $1,000 from Voici.

Meanwhile, tabloid reports say Aniston now likes to use artificial tanning spray to get that California glow without the cancerous effects of sunbathing. Or maybe she’s just being more careful about the stalkerazzi.

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