EW Staff
August 08, 2002 AT 04:00 AM EDT


BIG KAHUNAS Jan-Michael Vincent, William Katt, Gary Busey

THE STORY Three childhood surfing buddies grow up in the shadow of Vietnam, the Pacific Ocean their only moral compass.

BEST SCENE The aging trio, including a future Greatest American Hero (Katt, above), goes back to the beach just ONE MORE TIME, on the titular Wednesday, to face pre-special effects waves more intimidating than anything seen in the computer-generated swells of ”The Perfect Storm.”

FAR-OUT CAMEO Robert Englund (a.k.a. Freddy Krueger) serves as the film’s narrator.

QUOTABLE QUOTE ”Who knows where the wind comes from? Is it the breath of God? Where do the great swells come from? For what? Only now it was time… we had waited so long.”

WHY WE DIG IT While the dialogue (see quote above) and acting plunge headfirst into bad-movie clichés, the spectacula-rad visuals are the real star.

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