EW Staff
August 08, 2002 AT 04:00 AM EDT


BIG KAHUNAS Robert August, Mike Hynson

THE STORY Bruce Brown’s seminal documentary follows fresh-faced boarders August and Hynson on a whirlwind tour of the gnarliest breakers of Africa, Hawaii, Tahiti, and Australia.

BEST SCENE After an endless trek across (and a few sand surfs down) mountainous dunes, the dynamic duo finally finds the perfect wave: small, perfectly formed, and endlessly stable. Brown follows his subjects through full 45-second rides inside the pipeline.

WHY WE DIG IT This is the one you have to see, or re-see if it’s been a while. The film’s tribute to the sea (Old King Neptune is thanked in the credits) is tempered by less reverent scenes (think high-school sex-education film): Brown’s flirty narration describes the boys ”meeting the natives” and wiping out while ogling local swimwear customs. Combining road-trip antics with a no-nonsense look at surfing, this is the surf movie that helps the layman understand the call of the curl.

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